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High-tech hub in Beijing hailed as innovation model 2018-12-17 Viewed 1 Times
Qualcomm petitions for iPhone ban enforcment 2018-12-17 Viewed 0 Times
Chinese researchers find new compound to lower cholesterol 2018-12-17 Viewed 0 Times
Adjusted IP law to level playing field 2018-12-17 Viewed 0 Times
Lifan set to ride the reform wave for continued rewards 2018-12-17 Viewed 0 Times
Construction starts on joint-venture auto project in Jinzhong 2018-12-17 Viewed 0 Times
How often haven’t you read aloud? 2018-12-17 Viewed 1 Times
Patent Week runs nationally 2018-11-30 Viewed 42 Times
Groups share wisdom and experiences on the patent front 2018-11-30 Viewed 35 Times
IC design alliance set up in Wuxi 2018-11-30 Viewed 37 Times
Innovation zone boosts city 2018-11-30 Viewed 37 Times
New tech board gets first applications 2018-11-30 Viewed 4 Times
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