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DJ wins ‘6IX’ Trademark Case Against Rapper Drake 2019-02-22 Viewed 0 Times
Huawei founder denies accusation of stealing trade secrets 2019-01-28 Viewed 40 Times
Burberry and Louis Vuitton lose counterfeit battle in Singapore 2019-01-15 Viewed 105 Times
Data Scape sues Apple for patent infringement 2019-01-08 Viewed 131 Times
Spotify settles the $1.6B copyright lawsuit filed by Wixen 2018-12-24 Viewed 117 Times
Alibaba wins preliminary trademark injunction against Alibabacoin 2018-10-29 Viewed 154 Times
Dunhill wins China trademark battle 2018-10-23 Viewed 142 Times
Monster Energy Company v NBA Properties, Inc. 2018-09-27 Viewed 201 Times
HMD now files for PureDisplay and Face Unlock trademarks 2018-09-12 Viewed 179 Times
Papa John’s wrapped up in patent infringement claim 2018-08-21 Viewed 129 Times
LED company secures $66m in trade secrets theft suit 2018-08-16 Viewed 112 Times
Dyson drops design patent dispute with SharkNinja 2018-08-07 Viewed 61 Times
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