NE China launches IP court to support revitalization

Publish Date:2019-01-11 Click Num:138
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The Changchun Intellectual Property Court was recently launched to provide judicial guarantees for innovation and revitalization of Jilin province.

According to the launching ceremony, the court is the first of its kind in Northeast China.

It aims to deepen judicial reform and support innovations for the revitalization of the northeastern rust belt.

The court will accept IP-related civil and administrative disputes related to patents, new plant varieties, layout designs of integrated circuits, technological secrets, software, brands and monopolies within Jilin province.

It also shoulders the first trial of civil cases related to copyright, trademarks, unfair competition and technology contracts, trials of first hearing of IP-related administrative and criminal cases that are outside the jurisdiction of the grassroots courts, and trial appeals in Changchun.

Hu Jiafu, secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission of Jilin Province, stressed that the establishment of the Changchun IP court will provide strong judicial guarantee for Jilin province's innovation-driven development.

He urged developing the court's professional and technological modernity to support the revitalization of the province.

Also present at the ceremony were Wang Junzheng, Changchun Party secretary, Xu Jiaxin, secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group of the Jilin Provincial Higher People's Court and Ling Guanghai, vice-president of the Civil Adjudication Tribunal No 3 of the Supreme People's Court.

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